EU legislation on packaging waste

The European Commission has set a plan to implement a regulation that establishes limits on the size of packaging and the amount of empty space in boxes shipped by online retailers throughout Europe.

For e-commerce specifically, retailers will have to ensure that the empty space in their packaging does not exceed 40%. Mediawrap has you covered.

This regulation is in response to the growing environmental impact of e-commerce, as the volume of packaging waste has increased significantly, especially in the e-commerce sector.

The new regulation is expected to have a significant impact on e-commerce retailers operating within the EU, as they will need to make changes to their packaging and logistics processes to comply with the new regulations.

For retailers, this regulation translates to a requirement to maintain a minimum fill-rate (total volume of the package occupied by the product itself) of 60% in packages, which means that the unutilised space or ‘empty space’ should not exceed 40% of the total package volume.

The new regulation also aims to reduce the use of unutilised space and void fills, which are materials such as bubble wrap, polystyrene, air cushions, and paper. While these materials are often used to protect fragile items, they also contribute to the increasing volume of packaging waste.

For retailers, this means that they will have to find new and more sustainable packaging methods and update their packaging processes, while still ensuring that the products are adequately protected during transit.


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