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Packaging One

Passionate, flexible, caring, design-leading manufacturers.

We have distribution centers in the UK, Europe and soon, the US, all supplying our renowned and patented products MediaWrap® and GuardSeal®, plus many other packaging items.

We are the packaging company you come to for solutions, producing state-of-the-art designs, where a cost-efficient approach is in our DNA. We supply many cost-saving solutions for third-party packaging and logistics companies, who can then pass on these valuable savings to their clients.

We can help transform your operation, from using standard packaging techniques to state-of-the-art eco versions.

Our new manufacturing facility, which opened in May 2023, has a finishing pre-pack assembly department, specialty folder gluers, and automatic and semi-automatic die cutters, with printers and in-line high-speed case makers capable of printing up to four colours. All this is in addition to our innovative designers, who thrive on finding new solutions to push the packaging world forward.

Packaging is without boundaries

MediaWrap® is the only 100% paper-protective packaging solution for media products.
MediaWrap® is your safe, secure packaging solution for all things media: cell phones, smart watches, iPads and laptops.

The packaging has been put through the most rigorous transportation tests whilst providing the ultimate, secure, tamper-evident packaging. Hugely popular within the return trade-in market, MediaWrap® has now also found a place in the used, resale mobile market sector. Thanks to the tamper-proof, non-plastic approach and print options available, MediaWrap® aligns itself with the eco-renew ethos for selling used cell phones.

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Our comprehensive process includes design, corrugated boxes, finishing, production assembly and stock hold. We operate the latest tech and machinery to manufacture to the highest, industry leading standards.


We thrive on a new packaging challenge and finding innovative solutions that hit the brief. With an in-house creative design studio, the next leading packaging invention is always underway.


Packaging One is FSC approved, and all our packaging materials are completely from FSC-certified forests. We offer a closed loop packaging recycling solution for our smaller clients who don’t have their own packaging recycling solution in place.

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